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“A People Betrayed. The role of the West in Rwanda’s genocide” by LR Melvern “In the After Math of Genocide. the U.S. Role in Rwanda” by Robert E. Gribbin “Burundi” by René Lemarchand “Eyewitness to a Genocide” by Michael Barnett … Continue reading

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“The Three Leaps of Wang Lun” Alfred Döblin “In Praise of Shadows” Jun’ichiro Tanizaki “Red Clocks” Leni Zumas Annual Review of Jazz Studies, No. 5; 1995 “Chromatic Third Relations in the Music of John Coltrane” David Demsey “The Man in … Continue reading

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Underground, by Haruki Murakami Toyoko sarin gas attack Algorithms of Oppression, by Safiya Umoja Noble How search engines reinforce racism Crash Override, by Zoe Quinn Woman at the center of Gamergate Be Fierce, by Gretchen Carlson Stop harassment and take … Continue reading

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