The Economist explains (the) Christmas (Carol) to us

“Indeed, after visiting schools and coal mines filled with starving and illiterate children, Dickens had initially planned to write a polemical pamphlet, but changed his mind after deciding that a popular Christmas tale could be a “Sledge hammer” that would “come down with twenty times the force—twenty thousand times the force” of an essay. Accordingly, there are bleak depictions of the threadbare household of Bob Cratchit, Scrooge’s overworked and underpaid clerk, who suffers miserably at the hands of his parsimonious paymaster.”
The economic sensibilities of “A Christmas Carol”, by Prospero, The Economist, December 14, 2018

See, if the rich and rich corporations are way more generous to those under their heels we all end up in a better world. Otherwise, next stop: French Revolution. God bless us each and every one, or at least have mercy on us on the way to the guillotine.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of charity and deperation, the Wapshott Press is having it’s annual FUNDRAISER! Yay! We only do this once a year and try not to be too annoying. And in that spirit, if you want to skip reading all the reasons to show us some monetrary love, you can skip right to the donation page here: Thank you, and happy holidays. All of them.

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