Transplants cause gentrification

“Rents in Los Angeles are sky-high and they’ve risen astronomically in the past few years. That’s because loads of people want to live here and we’ve spent decades not building enough housing to keep up with demand. Newbies arrive in L.A. and move into whatever neighborhoods they can afford. Those ‘hoods become more desirable so rents go up, forcing people who have lived there for ages to move to cheaper, less “desirable” areas. Eventually, more newbies will movie into those areas, too, and the cycle of life, i.e. gentrification, will continue. The result is a housing crisis that’s been decades in the making. Supply, meet demand.”
Essay: The LA Grinch Billboards Are Savage And Spot-On, by Elina Shatkin, LAist, October 26, 2018

Ohhh, so it’s those newbies that cause gentrification. Well, that’s a relief it’s not those artists that cause gentrification anymore. Or insufficient rent control. Or greed. Or, oh, I don’t know… sunspots?


LA used to be the one place in the world I knew I could always land and have a job and cheap rent within a week. How irritating that isn’t true anymore. And I still don’t know how to vote on Prop 10. Feh.

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