More recent reading

“A People Betrayed. The role of the West in Rwanda’s genocide”
by LR Melvern

“In the After Math of Genocide. the U.S. Role in Rwanda”
by Robert E. Gribbin

by René Lemarchand

“Eyewitness to a Genocide”
by Michael Barnett
‘Humanitarianism, too, can develop its own profanities. We live in an age where our moral expressions are almost always institutionalized and bureaucratized. Proliferating across the landscape are new international and non-governmental organizations whose very raison d’être is to assuage suffering wherever and however they can. This development should be celebrated. Yet the very institutions that represent progress, liberation, and caring contain the seeds of disappointment. This profanity has many roots. Humanitarian institutions can be run by decent and well-meaning individuals who become timid and fearful as a result both of the soul-breaking demands and of the knowledge that powerful benefactors want only a convenient façade of humanitarianism. The compact between humanitarianism and politics, the mixing of ethics and power, can deliver a pragmatism that bears little resemblance to the original intent. The very institutions that we develop to realize our highest humanitarian ends can generate ethical principles that are disconnected from those in whose name they act. The ethical practices of humanitarianism are not singular. They are transfigured as they explore new contexts and environments.’ pg 181

“Victory at Any Cost. The Genius of Viet Nam’s Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap”
by Cecil B. Currey

Thus concludes most of the Summer 2018 Mayerson Reading.

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