Wonder Woman

So I saw Wonder Woman, and was crying during a lot of it, and get choked up thinking about it still. Yes, even my old, leathery heart was touched to the point of tears, but I didn’t know why until I read these three reviews, I highly recommend you read, the next day:

“Wonder Woman …. I don’t know if she’s the hero we deserve, but she’s sure as hell the one we need.”

“Whatever leash they put on Snyder for the fight sequences in Wonder Woman ought to be attached to him for the rest of his career.”

“More than any other moment of the movie, for me this scene was emblematic of what so many women have faced in one form or another: stepping into the ‘no man’s land’ of war, violence, abuse, discrimination, and oppression in order to ‘fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.'”

The image of Diana behind her shield fending off machine gun fire will never leave me. I will see it every time I need courage to face down anything. I was also very touched and impressed by the men backing her up. I’m sure Diana would have worked it out without the grenade Steve Trevor threw into the machine gun nest, but it was still great.

Thank you, DC. I’m not sure what you’ve started, and even if Zach Snyder screws it up later, it’s still started, and thank you for starting it. Fourth Wave Feminism anyone?

And all you nitpicking fanboys… it’s okay you don’t get it, really it is.

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