The past is never dead.

It’s not even in the past. Alas.

“Early this morning, when Donald Trump accepted the presidency of the United States, Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell were somewhere enjoying the last laugh. Their vision for the nation had held firm for almost four decades, culminating with a candidate who spoke their truths more clearly than either could have imagined. As leaders of America’s turn right, the two had convinced millions of Americans that a godly America was a good America, and that God wanted a strong nation of self-reliant, successful conservatives who if not Christian, likewise supported free markets and traditional families.

“Trump, who espoused similar ideas in saltier language, is their heir.”
Might, Right, and White Privilege: It’s Morning in America, the Sequel, by Diane Winston, Religion Dispatches, November 9, 2016

And then again there are those of us who get to deal with whatever the now very uncertain future will bring. Yes, Morning in America is tough on those of us working nights.

…well, shit. At least we still have some laws… don’t we?

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