America isn’t great? Since when?

“‘Donald Trump chose racism as his weapon, but his aim is exactly the same as the rest of the Republicans,’ Warren said. ‘Pound the courts into submission to the rich and powerful.'”
Elizabeth Warren labels Donald Trump ‘nasty, thin-skinned fraud’ in speech, by John R. Ellement, Boston Globe, June 9, 2016

I like E Warren, but I hope to God H Clinton doesn’t put her on the ticket. E Warren doesn’t have the people skills to be there. Leave her in Congress, put her on the Cabinet, but not on the ticket. What about Bernie? B Sanders would make a great veep.

“The former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has said he will consider voting for the Libertarian party in the presidential election instead of Donald Trump, in a stark example of how far the GOP establishment is from accepting the billionaire leading its bid for the White House.”
Mitt Romney may vote Libertarian, as GOP criticism of Trump deepens, by Nicky Woolf, The Guardian, June 9, 2016

Tentatively good for you, Mitt, for considering possibly maybe not voting for Trump. If that’s the best you can do under these circumstances, then I commend you as well as I can under these circumstances. Yeah.

“A reporter for NBC indicates that inside sources in the Trump campaign express frustration that they just can’t get Trump to shut up! Every time he opens his mouth he seems to reveal what a bigot he is. At a time when white children 5 and under, are the minority in America, it seems that the Donald Trump would realize that offending the majority of voters in America isn’t a good idea.”
The Biggest Hurdle to Donald Trump Campaign is Donald Trump, by Malia Litman, June 10, 2016

What’s the problem? Them’s that’s decided to vote for Trump aren’t going to change their minds (even if they could) unless he starts spouting peace, love and justice (whaddya think the chances of that are, eh?) so who cares what Trump says? This has been a polarized election from the gitgo. Hillary voters are voting for Hillary, Trump voters are voting for Trump. We can only hope more Hillary voters will vote than Trump voters in the big electoral college states (yeah, don’t forget the electoral college; 2000 wasn’t that long ago). Bernie voters will do the right thing; I feel sure of it in my soul. And everyone else — nonvoters, indy voters, whatnot voters — will just to live with whichever of the Big Two parties wins, which is all the nonwinning side has ever done. No one likes to lose, but we manage to keep our civil society (mostly) when we do. If we can learn anything from this wacky election, let it be that we need more than two viable political choices in this country. Maybe we need more than one country. Is that sedition? I wonder. Maybe, but it might also be the best future.

“Donald J. Trump tried out several lines of attack against Hillary Clinton, at one point calling her ‘unfit to be president,’ as he delivered an otherwise noticeably restrained speech to an audience of evangelical activists here Friday.”
Donald Trump, Courting Evangelicals, Faults Hillary Clinton’s Policies and Character, by Ashley Parker, NY Times, June 10, 2016

“Unfit to be President,” says the man who’s never held elected office, a government position, or a law license (or even a job outside of his inherited wealth) of the considerably more qualified and experienced woman who, if there’s a God, will be our first Madam President (and it’s about damn time, too).

“In her day job, Ms. Warren cuts an imperious swath through the Capitol, striding down hallways, her jewel-toned jacket swaying behind her, refusing to speak to or even make eye contact with reporters. Small talk with elevator operators and other staff? Not her style. And the Democrat from Massachusetts is rarely front and center pushing major legislation.”
Elizabeth Warren Endorses Clinton and Goes Taunt-for-Taunt With Trump, by Jennifer Steinhauer, NY Times, June 9, 2016

Nope, not veep material, thank you very much. Next! Get someone who’s good with people and knows how to handle the press (because the press, like the poor, are always with us). I mean, can you see E Warren doing what J Biden does, even as oddly as he does it? I mean, really.

“One big reason Trump is trailing — by an average of 4 to 6 percentage points, depending on which aggregator you use — is because, despite all the bluster, he isn’t doing any better than Romney did among white voters. According to Cohn’s estimate, based on pre-election surveys, Romney beat President Obama by 17 percentage points among white voters. To win, Trump would need to improve on Romney’s margin by a minimum of 5 percentage points if the electorate looked exactly the same as it did in 2012 and every other racial group voted in the same manner as it did in 2012.”
Trump Isn’t Winning Enough White Voters, by Harry Enten, 538, June 10, 2016


“In January of 1937, the Gallup Poll, then in its second year of existence, posed this question: ‘Would you vote for a woman for president if she was qualified in every other respect?’ Sixty-four percent of Americans said no, 33 percent said yes, and 3 percent had no opinion on the matter.”
From 1937 To Hillary Clinton, How Americans Have Felt About A Woman President, by Clare Malone, 538, June 9, 2016

Thank God it’s the 21st Century!

“But Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk’s reversal in the wake of Trump’s remarks against Judge Gonzalo Curiel may signal that some of the support Trump has received is still fragile. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham is calling on other Republicans to unendorse Trump. And dozens of other prominent elected Republicans are holding out on their party’s presumptive nominee.”
What Makes A GOP Leader Resist Trump?, by Daniel Nichanian, 538, June 8, 2016

Are there more Republicans like Mark Kirk? Anywhere? Anyone? Please?

“Engaging with Trump is like rubbernecking a car crash. But sadly, and this is the truth about the effects of any collapse of fundamental fantasies, the car crash is not in the future, but in the past. We are an empire already in a moment of decline, and many have noted that Trump is the first presidential candidate in history to run a campaign that speaks to this: Make America Great Again.”
Donald Trump: the modern-day Nero ready to burn down America?, by Jamieson Webster, The Guardian, June 10, 2016 (Classicists must be loving this election, especially when it’s not their country thrashing around. Oh, wait, he wrote ‘us’ I guess he’s American. Huh.)

Y’know, I strongly suspect D Trump’s reasons for thinking American isn’t as great as it could be are VERY different from my reasons for thinking America isn’t as great as it could be. But, in truth, America is always great and not great in different ways at different times. That’s what makes it, y’know, America. Our American Yin and American Yang ever striving to be greater. And isn’t striving to be great the thing that makes the greatest great? Or something. I suspect D Trump doesn’t understand that. I mean, when was America just great? We’re more of a journey to greatness, which makes us great in progress. Once we stop that journey, I don’t know what happens. Perhaps we decline and eventually vanish, like Rome. But who knows? America is many things, but mostly it’s like nothing else now or ever. So who the hell knows what’s going to happen? And speaking of Rome, if Nero were alive today, I’d suggest he sue for libel.

“Donald Trump is not really exceptional among current Republican presidential candidates. He is the one with the brightest plumage, of course, and the one who has had long experience at cultivating celebrity. If Trump seems strangely incapable of consistency except in the matter of walling out and deporting immigrants, somber Ted Cruz is lurking nearby to alarm us with his ideological purity. If Trump is his own invention, there is Rubio, the polished creature of hired advisors and their moment-to-moment calculations.

“The only satisfaction to be found in a Trump win lies in the fact that the others have lost, and lost badly. On the other hand, Trump’s bluster distracts attention from the others’ stated positions, so if one of his competitors manages finally to make the case, to the public or the party, that he is least objectionable, the claim might well be groundless.”
Trump: the great orange-haired Unintended Consequence, by Marilynn Robinson, The Guaridan, March 10, 2016 (Yes, and old story, but a good one.)

Gah. How long have we been at “least objectionable candidate” instead of “best person for the job” in American politics? Did I nod off and this happened?

“When Hillary Clinton laid claim to the Democratic presidential nomination Tuesday night, she unleashed a torrent of “first woman” commentary. If challenger Bernie Sanders ever backs down, she will be crowned the first female presidential nominee of a major US political party. If she wins in November, she will be the first female president in this nation’s 240-year history.”
Women who ran before Hillary Clinton: ‘I cannot vote, but I can be voted for’, by Maria L. La Ganga, The Guardian, June 8, 2016

Yeah, we have indeed come a long way, baby. And no going back either. Isn’t it great!?!

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