Hacked or Trumped with? You decide

‘”Donald Trump is a shape shifting lizard!!’ an electronic road sign was informing motorists around Dallas as of Tuesday (5/31/2016).”
Hacked road sign dubs Donald Trump a “shape-shifting lizard”, by Lisa Vaas, Naked Security, June 2, 2016

Amusing, but explains very little. And in Dallas of all places, hm.

“You can dance around the question of whether Donald Trump’s ‘he’s a Mexican’ criticism of federal judge Gonzalo Curiel, born in Indiana, is technically ‘racist.’ There no such race as Mexican, after all, and the citizenry of Mexico ranges from blue-eyed blonds to those with dark skin and jet-black hair.

“But what’s clear about Trump’s argument, and what is deeply un-American about it, is its essentialism. Trump is saying that because of who you are, in an ethnic or hereditary sense, he will make judgments about what you think and what role in society you can play. The related assumption, as Garrett Epps explains to irrebuttable effect, is that people’s public roles cannot be separated from their ethnic or religious identities. A ‘Mexican’ judge will think and act as a Mexican, not as a judge.

“There is no more un-American concept.”
The Un-American Essentialism of Donald Trump, by James Fallows, The Atlantic, June 6, 2016

And this, among other reasons, is why D Trump must fade from public life as soon as possible. [photo trigger warning on that link – really]

“An even more daunting estimate, from UCLA researchers, finds that if Mr Trump wins the same percentage of the white vote that Mr Romney did (59%) he would have to carry 47% of the Hispanic vote – a number only George W Bush in 2004 approached.

“If the party were to thrive, Republican National Committee analysts wrote in their 2012 post-mortem, they would have to find a way to make their party more welcoming to minority voters – particularly Hispanics. Immigration reform should be a priority. Outreach efforts must be improved. Off-putting rhetoric should be adjusted.

“Instead the party nominated Donald Trump.”
Donald Trump’s Hispanic voter ‘doomsday’, by Anthony Zurcher, BBC, June 6, 2016

This should make Trump unelectable… but I still feel very nervous.

“So, does that mean Pouncey would take a stab at diagnosing Donald Trump? She declined the opportunity, saying instead that Trump behaves so extremely that he makes her uncomfortable as a person.”
Psychiatrists Can’t Tell Us What They Think About Trump, by Maggie Koerth-Baker, 538, June 6, 2016

“In your guts, you know he’s nuts.” Meh, I’m not sure Trump is insane; that would be too easy. Still, nevertheless, he shouldn’t be POTUS, because whatever he is, he shouldn’t be Commander in Chief (now that would be insane).

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