El Trump

“Young Latinos are responding to Mr. Trump’s vision of Americans as a people of kindred blood with a vision of the United States as a place of kindred spirits. Those young Latinos are putting forward a message that might help us out of the mess we’ve made this year. If they turn out at the same rate as white millennials, they would bring an estimated more than a million new voters to the polls and might affect the results as well.”
The Real ‘Trump Effect’ for Young Latinos, by Roberto Suro, NY Times, May 27, 2016

“‘I am concerned, and I’m saddened, and I’m bewildered,’ said Luis Alvarado, a GOP media strategist who, like many other Latino officials in California, said he will not vote for Trump. ‘We had fought for every inch in changing the minds and hearts of not just fellow Latinos, but also fellow Republicans in understanding how we need to work together. And Trump comes along and everything just gets pushed aside.’

“The Republican Party’s problem with Latino voters predate Trump because of the party’s stance on immigration. GOP strategists often say that Latinos may agree with the party on social and economic issues but won’t listen to their pitch if they believe Republicans want to deport their family members.”
California Latino Republicans see Prop. 187’s ghost in Trump’s campaign, by Seema Mehta, LA Times, May 30, 2016

Well, this is disturbing. Latinos seemed like the group that would see most clearly through Trump’s bullshit. We might be in more trouble than I thought.

“…Trump’s vision of Americans as a people of kindred blood with a vision of the United States as a place of kindred spirits.”


Some of D Trump’s kindred spirits:
5 European Leaders Who Are Kindred Spirits With Donald Trump
Of the Cheese-eating Surrender Monkey type: “Marine Le Pen is famously anti-immigration, but even she thinks Trump went a bit too far with his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States. ‘Seriously, have you ever heard me say something like that?’ she told a TV interviewer earlier in December. Not that she’s afraid of making controversial statements on migrants: Her campaign team last month put out a statement calling for the ‘eradication of bacterial immigration,’ claiming that migration was causing an ‘alarming presence of contagious diseases.'”

In Trump, Alabama Senator Finds Kindred Political Spirit
Of the senator from Alabama type:
“If Sessions has been known for anything outside of his home state in recent years, it’s been as the target of immigration advocates, who have branded him a nativist for his support of tough enforcement policies and limiting legal immigration. He was instrumental in derailing President George W. Bush’s attempts at immigration overhauls and was a leading opponent of the 2013 ‘Gang of Eight’ bill that passed in the Senate but was blocked in the House.

“‘He’s the most ardent, anti-immigrant restrictionist that you can find,’ said Frank Sharry, executive director of the pro-immigration group America’s Voice. ‘He comes from the kick-them-out-and-keep-them-out camp.'”

So, yeah, Latinos who have relatives not in the U.S. Trump wouldn’t deport your relatives… unless they got in here somehow. But I’m sure his fence would take care of that. Yeah. I’m not so sure Trump is your best candidate this year.

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