Movies I have seen because it’s too hot to stay in the house

Do fairy tale villainesses really need so much reason to be villainesses?

X-Men Days of Future Past
Eric and Charles should really stop kidding themselves and start picking out china patterns. Oooh! And Quicksilver is my new fangirl crush! (Although now the end credits scene in Winter Soldier makes even less sense. As far as I can tell, Sony and Disney have twisted the Marvel timeline into a pretzel and one will have to buy the other to straighten it out. Or not, because who really cares?)

“Let them fight.” That’s what I’m going say as often as possible now. Godzilla was way better than I thought it was going to be. And while I’m on the subject of end credit scenes, while I was waiting for the nonexistent one in Godzilla, I stated to really listen to the the music, and OH MY IGOR it’s brilliant! If you took the wildest Stravinsky and slammed it into the loudest Beethoven, and added a dash of symphonic Schubert (for balance), and got the biggest, loudest orchestra in the world to play it, that’s the end credit music for Godzilla, and well worth listening to. Even if you just sneak in for the end credit after whatever else you’re seeing at the multiplex. These are the opening credits, which were pretty good storytelling of what you needed to know going into this version of Gozilla. But this music is pretty tame compared to the end credits, which really cuts loose.

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