House and Senate Nay votes on the budget and temporarily raising the debt ceiling tonight

Are these people insane?

Senate Nay Votes

Name Party State Vote
Lee, Mike Republican Utah Nay
Johnson, Ron Republican Wisconsin Nay
Cornyn, John Republican Texas Nay
Crapo, Mike Republican Idaho Nay
Cruz, Ted Republican Texas Nay
Enzi, Michael Republican Wyoming Nay
Grassley, Chuck Republican Iowa Nay
Heller, Dean Republican Nevada Nay
Toomey, Pat Republican Pennsylvania Nay
Coburn, Tom Republican Oklahoma Nay
Paul, Rand Republican Kentucky Nay
Risch, James Republican Idaho Nay
Roberts, Pat Republican Kansas Nay
Rubio, Marco Republican Florida Nay
Scott, Timothy Republican South Carolina Nay
Sessions, Jeff Republican Alabama Nay
Shelby, Richard Republican Alabama Nay
Vitter, David Republican Louisiana Nay

Are they evil?

House Nay votes
Name Party State District Vote
Lankford, James Republican Oklahoma 5 Nay
Aderholt, Robert Republican Alabama 4 Nay
Amodei, Mark Republican Nevada 2 Nay
Yoho, Ted Republican Florida 3 Nay
Bachmann, Michele Republican Minnesota 6 Nay
Yoder, Kevin Republican Kansas 3 Nay
Woodall, Rob Republican Georgia 7 Nay
Wilson, Joe Republican South Carolina 2 Nay
Barr, Garland Republican Kentucky 6 Nay
Williams, Roger Republican Texas 25 Nay
Barton, Joe Republican Texas 6 Nay
Westmoreland, Lynn Republican Georgia 3 Nay
Wenstrup, Brad Republican Ohio 2 Nay
Weber, Randy Republican Texas 14 Nay
Walorski, Jackie Republican Indiana 2 Nay
Bentivolio, Kerry Republican Michigan 11 Nay
Walden, Greg Republican Oregon 2 Nay
Walberg, Tim Republican Michigan 7 Nay
Wagner, Ann Republican Missouri 2 Nay
Turner, Michael Republican Ohio 10 Nay
Bishop, Rob Republican Utah 1 Nay
Black, Diane Republican Tennessee 6 Nay
Blackburn, Marsha Republican Tennessee 7 Nay
Thornberry, Mac Republican Texas 13 Nay
Stutzman, Marlin Republican Indiana 3 Nay
Stockman, Steve Republican Texas 36 Nay
Stewart, Chris Republican Utah 2 Nay
Southerland, Steve Republican Florida 2 Nay
Brady, Kevin Republican Texas 8 Nay
Smith, Lamar Republican Texas 21 Nay
Bridenstine, Jim Republican Oklahoma 1 Nay
Brooks, Mo Republican Alabama 5 Nay
Smith, Jason Republican Missouri 8 Nay
Broun, Paul Republican Georgia 10 Nay
Sessions, Pete Republican Texas 32 Nay
Sensenbrenner, F. Republican Wisconsin 5 Nay
Scott, Austin Republican Georgia 8 Nay
Bucshon, Larry Republican Indiana 8 Nay
Burgess, Michael Republican Texas 26 Nay
Schweikert, David Republican Arizona 6 Nay
Scalise, Steve Republican Louisiana 1 Nay
Sanford, Marshall Republican South Carolina 1 Nay
Salmon, Matt Republican Arizona 5 Nay
Campbell, John Republican California 45 Nay
Ryan, Paul Republican Wisconsin 1 Nay
Royce, Edward Republican California 39 Nay
Rothfus, Keith Republican Pennsylvania 12 Nay
Ross, Dennis Republican Florida 15 Nay
Rooney, Thomas Republican Florida 17 Nay
Rokita, Todd Republican Indiana 4 Nay
Rohrabacher, Dana Republican California 48 Nay
Carter, John Republican Texas 31 Nay
Rogers, Mike Republican Alabama 3 Nay
Cassidy, Bill Republican Louisiana 6 Nay
Roe, David Republican Tennessee 1 Nay
Roby, Martha Republican Alabama 2 Nay
Chabot, Steve Republican Ohio 1 Nay
Chaffetz, Jason Republican Utah 3 Nay
Rice, Tom Republican South Carolina 7 Nay
Renacci, James Republican Ohio 16 Nay
Reed, Tom Republican New York 23 Nay
Radel, Trey Republican Florida 19 Nay
Price, Tom Republican Georgia 6 Nay
Posey, Bill Republican Florida 8 Nay
Pompeo, Mike Republican Kansas 4 Nay
Poe, Ted Republican Texas 2 Nay
Pitts, Joseph Republican Pennsylvania 16 Nay
Petri, Thomas Republican Wisconsin 6 Nay
Collins, Doug Republican Georgia 9 Nay
Collins, Chris Republican New York 27 Nay
Conaway, K. Republican Texas 11 Nay
Perry, Scott Republican Pennsylvania 4 Nay
Pearce, Stevan Republican New Mexico 2 Nay
Palazzo, Steven Republican Mississippi 4 Nay
Olson, Pete Republican Texas 22 Nay
Nunnelee, Alan Republican Mississippi 1 Nay
Nugent, Richard Republican Florida 11 Nay
Noem, Kristi Republican South Dakota At Large Nay
Neugebauer, Randy Republican Texas 19 Nay
Mulvaney, Mick Republican South Carolina 5 Nay
Mullin, Markwayne Republican Oklahoma 2 Nay
Miller, Candice Republican Michigan 10 Nay
Miller, Jeff Republican Florida 1 Nay
Culberson, John Republican Texas 7 Nay
Mica, John Republican Florida 7 Nay
Messer, Luke Republican Indiana 6 Nay
Meadows, Mark Republican North Carolina 11 Nay
McClintock, Tom Republican California 4 Nay
McCaul, Michael Republican Texas 10 Nay
Massie, Thomas Republican Kentucky 4 Nay
Marino, Tom Republican Pennsylvania 10 Nay
Marchant, Kenny Republican Texas 24 Nay
Lummis, Cynthia Republican Wyoming At Large Nay
Luetkemeyer, Blaine Republican Missouri 3 Nay
Denham, Jeff Republican California 10 Nay
Lucas, Frank Republican Oklahoma 3 Nay
DeSantis, Ron Republican Florida 6 Nay
DesJarlais, Scott Republican Tennessee 4 Nay
Long, Billy Republican Missouri 7 Nay
Latta, Robert Republican Ohio 5 Nay
Amash, Justin Republican Michigan 3 Nay
Lamborn, Doug Republican Colorado 5 Nay
LaMalfa, Doug Republican California 1 Nay
Labrador, Raul Republican Idaho 1 Nay
Duffy, Sean Republican Wisconsin 7 Nay
Duncan, Jeff Republican South Carolina 3 Nay
Duncan, John Republican Tennessee 2 Nay
Kingston, Jack Republican Georgia 1 Nay
King, Steve Republican Iowa 4 Nay
Ellmers, Renee Republican North Carolina 2 Nay
Jordan, Jim Republican Ohio 4 Nay
Jones, Walter Republican North Carolina 3 Nay
Johnson, Sam Republican Texas 3 Nay
Johnson, Bill Republican Ohio 6 Nay
Farenthold, Blake Republican Texas 27 Nay
Hurt, Robert Republican Virginia 5 Nay
Hunter, Duncan Republican California 50 Nay
Fincher, Stephen Republican Tennessee 8 Nay
Hultgren, Randy Republican Illinois 14 Nay
Fleischmann, Charles Republican Tennessee 3 Nay
Fleming, John Republican Louisiana 4 Nay
Flores, Bill Republican Texas 17 Nay
Forbes, J. Republican Virginia 4 Nay
Huizenga, Bill Republican Michigan 2 Nay
Huelskamp, Tim Republican Kansas 1 Nay
Foxx, Virginia Republican North Carolina 5 Nay
Hudson, Richard Republican North Carolina 8 Nay
Franks, Trent Republican Arizona 8 Nay
Holding, George Republican North Carolina 13 Nay
Hensarling, Jeb Republican Texas 5 Nay
Hartzler, Vicky Republican Missouri 4 Nay
Harris, Andy Republican Maryland 1 Nay
Hall, Ralph Republican Texas 4 Nay
Griffith, H. Republican Virginia 9 Nay
Graves, Sam Republican Missouri 6 Nay
Garrett, Scott Republican New Jersey 5 Nay
Graves, Tom Republican Georgia 14 Nay
Gibbs, Bob Republican Ohio 7 Nay
Granger, Kay Republican Texas 12 Nay
Gingrey, Phil Republican Georgia 11 Nay
Gohmert, Louie Republican Texas 1 Nay
Goodlatte, Bob Republican Virginia 6 Nay
Gosar, Paul Republican Arizona 4 Nay
Gowdy, Trey Republican South Carolina 4 Nay

Or just stupid?

These Republicans have got to go as soon as possible because whether they’re insane, evil, and/or stupid, they’re dangerous as hell and they have got to be voted out of government asap.

As a Californian, please allow me to tell you how outraged and embarrassed I am by

Campbell, John Republican California 45 Nay
Royce, Edward Republican California 39 Nay
Rohrabacher, Dana Republican California 48 Nay
McClintock, Tom Republican California 4 Nay
Denham, Jeff Republican California 10 Nay
LaMalfa, Doug Republican California 1 Nay
Hunter, Duncan Republican California 50 Nay

There have got to be way better people in California than these idiots. Please let’s find them in 2014, vote out these loonies, and send some good people to congress. Could we at least try that, California?

I think the damage to the U.S.’s reputation as a reliable debtor is serious. Yes, we raised the debt ceiling, no thanks to the fools above, but the U.S. Congress scared the hell out of the entire world and ourselves before we did it. I mean, would you ever lend money to someone who said, “I’m not going to pay you the money I owe you because I’m mad about something completely unrelated to my promise to pay you”? I wouldn’t. Would you? The U.S. runs on debt; a lot or a little — there’s no way around it. If we can’t raise enough money that way, then what? Keep going by selling off assets (national parks, treasures, all the cool things we’re generally so proud of, and also weapons, mineral rights, technology, etc.) to compensate until layoffs and massively raised taxes can make up the difference? That is, of course, if any of us survive the social chaos that will engulf us while we do all this. Yikes.

People of America! Save yourselves! Vote Democrat!

This has been a Mayerson Service Announcement.

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