The Shutdown

Well, anyone who thinks the government shutdown doesn’t have any effect is delusional or a Republican jerk or a delusional Republican jerk or some other unspeakable thing.

Allow me to share my Psycho Republicans in Congress 2013 Government Shutdown story:

On Monday 9/30, whilst trying to open a new bank account for the Wapshott Press LLC because HSBC is closing most small business accounts in the U.S. (HSBC Cuts Off Some Small-Business Clients) on November 22 (yeah, really), I learn that someone is opening bank accounts with my Social Security number and bouncing checks and having accounts closed due to account abuse. So, no, ID theft victim, there’s new bank account for you today. (Oh, and most banks don’t report this to credit agencies, so the only way to know is to have a ChexSystem report run, which you only get when you try to get a new bank account. Gah!) So there’s a lot of things to be done: affidavit from the bank that I’m not that account abusing person using my SS# (why don’t banks demand to see the actual card, or check with the Social Security Administration? why?), police report, and verification of my SS# from the Social Security Administration… oops, no, not that, because when I went on Monday, they were already closed (they close at 3 here), and when I went on Tuesday, I was told by security staff that SSA will not be doing any verifications until the shutdown is over.

So, yeah, the lunatic Republicans in Congress are making life in these United States hard and they just don’t care. Jerks. And my problems are small; I can’t imagine what government workers, veterans, and many other people are going through.


Oh, and I’m looking forward to being able to get affordable health insurance if I need it. Yay!

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