My goal in life is for people to dance on my grave

Hey, why not?

Okay, yes, this blog used to me more political, insightful, and ranty and now it’s… different. Hey, why not?

So, here’s a political for ya: WENDY DAVIS FOR PRESIDENT. Hey, why not? I’ll settle for Governor of Texas, but President would be better. And if you don’t know who Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is, well, this’ll get y’hep to the scene. Oh, and one thing, Wendy, for your next filibuster, get some of those SAS waitress shoes. They’re really the ones to stand in for hours and hours. Ask any waitress, hair stylist, or nurse. SAS is a Texas company, so there’s that, too.

Not political: Okay, I don’t think it was inevitable but it has finally happened: I wrote a kid’s story. Yes, I did. Hey, why not? It’s called “The Droopy Droop Girl” Anyone know where to market a story like this? Also suggestions on age group. I think it’s age 5 to 11, but I really don’t know.

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