Women of certain ages rejoice

“Either way, I find this trend – and Crippen’s tale – cheering. Of course, few of these mid-age entrepreneurs will ever enjoy J Brand’s success. And even Crippen’s story has not been smooth. Three years ago she left J Brand after splitting from Rudes. But these days she is using her experience to back the Trickle-Up foundation, which tries to encourage more entrepreneurship among poor women. And, at the age of 49, she is now engaged in a new entrepreneurial gamble with another brand. “What is tough about our society is that as women get older, they often seem less relevant. But as we get older we get more confident,” she observes.

“‘At 30 I didn’t have the confidence to [start out] but at 40 I did. I just hope many more people can learn that too.’ To which I would say a hearty ‘amen’; even – or especially – at a time when 17-year-old computer geeks are being feted for their deals.”
Blue-jeans thinking. We tend to think they are all young but the age of entrepreneurs is rising, by Gillian Tett, FT Magazine, April 12, 2013


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