The Internet changes things

“And there’s another problem. In the old days, the bartender knew your favorite drink, the waitress your favorite meal, the barista your coffee, your travel agent when and where you liked to fly, and the local pharmacist what kind of prescription drugs you took (and thus, your ailments) and possibly what kind of birth control you used, and how often you used it. In the case of the postal service, sure you gave them confidential correspondence, but you generally knew that they’d never be peeking inside. And in the case of the phone company, if you had a little sexy talk with your significant other, no one was the wiser because you had a reasonable expectation your amorous dialogue wasn’t being stored for posterity.”
Facebook knows you’re gay before you do, by Jon Green, Americablog, March 20, 2013

Yup, the Internet changes things.

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