Where are the women bloggers?

Oh, wait, that should be where are the women philosophers? (Sorry, I need the blog hits.)

“‘One of the biggest problems is that philosophy is treated like a contact sport: an argument is a contest, a chance to knock your opponent down, to utterly destroy him. Look at the way male philosophers report on question-and-answer sessions at colloquia: “Oh, X just wiped the floor with Y; X just totally devastated Y’s objection’ and so on. Look at the hostility with which questioners confront speakers, or the bristling tone of most philosophy discussions. Are they doing philosophy or are they working out deep neuroses? I find all of this extremely distasteful and diligently avoid most philosophy talks simply because I cannot stand – pardon my French – all the dick-waving.'”
On The Lack of Women in Philosophy: The Dickhead Theory, by Samir Chopra, December 7, 2012

Dick-waving. What an excellent compound word that sum up so very much so very well. Thank you, Dr. Chopra, thank you so much!

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