Misanthropy anyone?

“The Skidelskys have an exalted conception of leisure. They say that the true sense of the word is ‘activity without extrinsic end’: ‘The sculptor engrossed in cutting marble, the teacher intent on imparting a difficult idea, the musician struggling with a score, a scientist exploring the mysteries of space and time — such people have no other aim than to do what they are doing well.’ That isn’t true. Most of these people are ambitious achievers who seek recognition. And it is ridiculous to think that if people worked just 15 or 20 hours a week, they would use their leisure to cut marble or struggle with a musical score. If they lacked consumer products and services to fill up their time they would brawl, steal, overeat, drink and sleep late. English aristocrats in their heyday didn’t work, but neither did they cut marble or explore the mysteries of space and time. Hunting, gambling and seduction were their preferred leisure activities.”
Working 9 to 12. ‘How Much Is Enough?’ by Robert Skidelsky and Edward Skidelsky, by Richard Posner, NY Times, August 17, 2012

Judge Posner doesn’t have much faith in the giving side of human nature. As for these part-timers not having enough money, due to working part-time, to enjoy leisure pursuits, in that Utopia pretty much everything would free, as it should be now if we didn’t live in a world ruled by fear and greed. I’d rather sign on to a world the Skidelskys can see even if Judge Posner, for whatever collection of reasons, can’t.

This post boils down to this: Sod off, Judge Posner.

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