This week in pedophilia

David E has the roundup. I don’t particularly like Graham Greene because he has such a nasty way of telling the truth that he got his publisher sued into bankruptcy. This bothers me on many levels, including that the lesson/warning/seriously alarming message he was trying to get across got lost in bile. Thanks, Mr. Greene, thanks a lot.

The Sandusky appeal worries me a little. It seems even to me that the prosecution rushed getting the case to trial and the judge rushed through the trial and if they did, they might have screwed up a technicality somewhere and justice will be screwed on double jeopardy, which is not a goofy game show. You’ll have to excuse me, I’m from Los Angeles, where the prosecution almost lost the Manson trial and did lose the Rodney King (RIP) vs. the Police State assault trial among too many others. So I worry about these things.

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