No science advisor on “Prometheus”?

“Clearly, I could nitpick the movie to death; a lot of science—stuff important to the plot, and not just little details—got messed up. At some level even I don’t have a problem with science errors, but when they get to certain size, or occur at a critical moment, they become distracting. It’s too bad, really, since with only a little nudge here and there this movie could have avoided some of the more egregious issues.

“And as I said, handled properly, a lot of the big issues—like where we come from, how we got here, the role of religion in society—are a perfect fit for science fiction and would work well in the Alien universe. Some of them did work, but others were as out of place as, say, a tabby cat in a starfreighter’s cargo hold.”
Astronomer uncovers the good, bad and WTF science of Prometheus, by Dr.Phil Plait, Blastr, June 18, 2012 (Don’t click that link unless you want to save yourself $10+ – there be spoilers there.)

Hey, I like Jonesy.

Y’know, “Sunshine” had a wilder premise and a scientist advisor and he even got his own commentary track, which was fascinating. What’s wrong with Ridley Scott and his wacky screenwriter? Other than that Ridley Scott chose to work with a wacky screenwriter in the first place? Science loves you, Ridley, why don’t you love it back?

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