Prop 29: it’s not over ’til it’s ver

“The vote count for the tobacco tax on last week’s primary ballot narrowed again Tuesday as elections officials across California tallied hundreds of thousands of uncounted ballots.

“The measure, known as Proposition 29, was losing by just over 33,200, a gap that narrowed from 63,000 on election night, state election figures show.

“More than 4.5 million ballots already have been counted across the state. The Secretary of State’s office estimates that, as of Monday evening, 777,000 ballots remain uncounted. Shortly after the primary, there were more than a million uncounted ballots statewide.”
Tobacco tax vote count continues, gap cut almost in half, by Phil Willon, LA Times, June 12, 2012

Count those votes! I hope this nail-biter is as happy as the Attorney General nail-biter two years ago.

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