Things I’d mercifully forgotten…until now

So, Amazon and pod bring us all some odd things I saw on TV as a kid. Here, in no particular order, is the tip of the media iceberg:

Don’t be Afraid of the Dark: utterly terrifying, but has Jim Hutton in it

The Enchanted Cottage: my mom liked this one a lot

Neighbors: I only read the Thomas Berger book so I had no desire to see the movie because the book was way more than enough

The Tango Lesson: the cougar handbook (and I paid money to see it, alas)

The D.I.: my little brother said this was on continuous loop at the Marine bootcamp barber shop, which, as you can imagine, was a very busy place

A Thousand Clowns: I like Barbara Harris, she didn’t so many movies, but she did them well

Man from Atlantis: I only saw a couple of episodes of this, but it burned indelibly into my brain

Bad Ronald: no, not a Reagan reference for once, just a terrifying TV movie that scared me a lot (crazy teenage boy living in the walls of your track house, watching you, is really very way scary [really])

The Hawaiians: boring James Mitchner mini-series were very big when I was watching TV as a teen; this one was okay

Soldier in the Rain: I remember crying at the end of this, but I can’t remember why

Travels with my Aunt: I’m a Maggie Smith fan, so I saw this and thought ‘hey! that was great! I’ll read the book!’ and this was a big mistake; either read the book or see the movie, but don’t do both because they insult each other

Brewster McCloud: I really adore young Bud Cort movies, they’re all so strange and this one is really strange

The Brass Bottle: I loved this! but I don’t remember Barbara Eden being in it

Who’s Minding the Mint: I’m such a Jim Hutton fan; he’s the only reason I made it through The Green Berets, John Wayne and David Janssen notwithstanding

Here’s the crop in case you want to see all the gems and horrors of TV etc. movies

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