People of America – your tax dollars at work

Keeping the internet safe so Hollywood can make more money by making more crap.

“The U.S. government recently shut down file-sharing giant Megaupload. The shut down of the site caused millions of its users and fans lonely days and broken hearts with their streaming media hunger’s unexpected cut-off supply.

“Now according to a report, Carpathia Hosting, which hosts Megaupload’s frozen data, is seeking the U.S. government’s help to pay for its piling unpaid bills. Carpathia Hosting hosts the data of up to 66 million users.

“Furthermore, according to the same report, Carpathia Hosting filed an emergency motion with the U.S. Court to either pay them for retaining the data, take the data from them, or delete them altogether after allowing users to reclaim their precious files.

“In the motion, the Virginia-based company says it is paying $9,000 a day to host the data, which works out to more than $500,000 since January of this year when authorities shut down Megaupload and arrested its founder, Kim Dotcom.

“The said hosting service could not perform any action on its own due to the risks of lawsuits with different parties with an interest in the data like the Motion Picture Association Of America (MPAA), for example.”
Megaupload’s Web Host In Money Trouble, Asks U.S. For Help, by Dan Reyes,, March 26, 2012

I am not making this up. Outrageous! If our tax dollars aren’t footing this bill, they will be soon. We’ve already paid for the DOJ to waste its time on this mess. We can be sure the MPAA isn’t going to kick in anything on this deal, even though this is all their fault. Grrrrrrrr.

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