What is it about these one-eyed bad boys?

Captain Harlock, Snake Plisskin, and Date Masamune

So, here’s my latest monovision crush: Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara anime.

The anime is based on a fighting game “set” during the Waring States Period, populated with “real” historical figures, and all twenty-four episodes are thoroughly delightful.

I’m not a Japanese historian, but I’m pretty sure Tadakatsu Honda was not a giant flying cyborg, Oda Nobunaga was not the devil king of the sixth kingdom or whatever it is, and if there had been a female ninja named Kasuga, she would have worn more clothes. Oooh la la! Sorry, fanboys, that impossible catsuit impossibly never falls off in all 24 episodes.

See for yourself:

Never mind the Engrish. Oh, and the slash writes itself.

Oh, I forgot Motochika Chosokabe! How did that happen? Wow.

Sengoku Basara anime

Sengoku Basara game

Motivational Motochika

My heroes!

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5 Responses to What is it about these one-eyed bad boys?

  1. Molly Kiely says:

    Ooh, now you have me wishing that beatnik Dean in Iron Giant had an eye-patch! (I’m also relieved I’m not the only adult female with a crush on an animated character. [Although is it wrong to wish the loss of an eye on him?])

  2. Ginger says:

    You have a crush on only one animated character? Dean in IG was cute. Even with 2 eyes.

    For me, it’s a trend, not a theme. Captain Harlock, Date Masamune, and even Roy Mustang ended the last season of Fullmetal Alchemist with only one eye.

    Oh! And I forgot Motochicka Chosokabe! Wow! How did that happen? (See above)

  3. Molly Kiely says:

    Apparently I’m missing out, huh? Fullmetal Alchemist has been on my Netflix queue for the better part of a year; I suppose it’s time I watched it…

  4. Ginger says:

    Well, I think the attraction is the toughness, suffering and vulnerability of a one-eyed bad boy. I’ll have to think about this more when I have time.

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