The perils of the unprepared

She might not be a Moonie, but she’s definitely an idiot.

“Reporter: No, actually, because when Reagan came in later on, things actually changed.

“Brown: No, Reagan came before me. Reagan came after my father and then I came after Reagan.

“Reporter: And then you actually lost your term thereafter, no?

“Brown: No, I’m the only Democratic governor in history to serve three terms. In fact only two governors have ever served a third term.”


“Brown: Last year… Are you a Moonie by any chance?

“Reporter: Sir…

“Brown: Because your incisiveness is kind of suspect. Anyway. California, the economy is doing better, it’s coming back. The private economy added $90 billion, and that feeds into the public sector as well. There are deficits because there’s been excesses in the last decade, brought on principally by the mortgage bubble and breakdown. And we’re now cleaning up after that mess. It does take a while to do that. I’d say we’re on a very positive course. Not as rapid as I would like, but the trajectory is all in the right direction.

“Reporter: Thank you, sir.”
Jerry Brown takes on Washington Times reporter, by Anthony York, LA Times, February 26, 2012

Just when I thought I could not love Governor Moonbeam more, he does this and I do.

I think Mr. York has the title wrong. It’s not “Jerry Brown takes on Washington Times reporter,” it’s “Foolish Washington Times reporter tries to take on Jerry Brown and gets her ass handed to her.”

And, y’know, Gil Duran, get some of your boss’s zen cool or get a new fucking job. I’m just about sick of your hot headed rudeness and arrogance.

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