If they won’t go away, they should at least cough up some dough

Geeze, either or, folks, either or.

Tell Kim Kardashian (and the rest of them [GM]) to endorse the millionaires tax (or go away [GM])

Oh, and then there’s the question of paying decent taxes on ill-gotten gains and possibly doing some good in the world:

Kardashian Products Made In Sweatshops With Child Labor, Radar Online, December 21, 2011

And just in time for Christmas! K’mon Kardashians, be good people. Endorse the Millionaires’ Tax, stop making stuff in sweatshops, and fund a local charity like the Union Mission or some food banks, they always need money because not everyone is as fortunate and photogenic as you all are (more or less from the front). Oh! Why do I waste my breath?

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