Darrell Issa. Still a swine.

“L.E.: Why are Republicans saying that USPS is “in the red”?

“J. B.: Despite its long track record and regular surplus, the USPS is now on the chopping block because of a new policy that puts an extremely unfair financial burden on the Post Office. This law requires the Post Office budget to cover retiree health benefits not just for current postal employees, but also for future employees – so far into the future, in fact, that most of them haven’t even born yet! USPS is the one and only federal department that has this undue obligation. Few people realize that Congress could simply pass a bill to relieve this obligation and preserve our postal service. And they should.”


“L.E.: What’s the deal with HR 2309?

“J.B.: HR 2309 (Issa) would completely dismantle the Postal Service, piece by piece. Not only would it cut Saturday delivery, it would slash pay, benefits and collective bargaining rights for postal employees, and it would eliminate a number of other basic mail services, including your ability to have a mailbox at your home!

“L.E.: What can supporters to do help save the USPS?

“J.B.: Please take a moment to sign our petition and share it with your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. We’re trying to gather as many signatures as possible before November 14th, when we’ll be delivering them to Congress. You can also call Rep. Issa directly at 202-225-3906 and tell him you oppose HR 2309.”
Separating Fact from Fiction: The Truth About the Right-Wing Attacks on the Postal Service, by Rebecca Band, California Labor Federation, Calitics, November 8, 2011

You can also call Rep. Issa directly at 202-225-3906 and tell him you oppose HR 2309.

And when you call Sucker’s (Issa’s) office, tell them what a swine he is. That’s what I did.

I love the Post Office. Long may it wave. Or something. And financially, y’know all that stuff you buy on the internet? If you have to get it UPS or FedEx or whatever that isn’t the Post Office, it’s going to cost a helluva lot more to get it. This has been a Mayerson Service Announcement.

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