Comic Con 2011: Sze Jones

I am a big fan of Sze Jones! Anyone who can draw an octopus girl like that has my worship.

She’s an illustrator. Part of her work is combining traditional Chinese ink painting with gouache on subjects from the mythical realm. She said it’s kind of like a journal. She thinks vampires are romantic subjects because of their immortality and power in the mythical realm. She’s been working for a video game company for the past three years so she likes to get off the computer and do some drawing and painting. Her mother knew she liked to draw, so she sent her to classes from a very young age. Sze went on to get a Masters of Fine Arts at William Patterson University and she’s been working in the arts ever since. Some of her artwork at CCSD were in acrylics, but most were gouache and Chinese ink. She showed me her ink stone and brushes (I should have gotten a picture, but I didn’t, sorry). A few were oil, acrylic and color pencil on watercolor paper, like the one below:

This is her third Comic Con in Artists Alley. She’s currently working on a children’s book for the 8-10 year old set that will include music. So there is something to look forward to.

One big CCSD 2011 post.

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