Okay, sucker, now I’m mad

“There are more and more wrinkles in the troubling saga of the former Goldman Sachs VP hired by Issa to protect Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street firms from accountability on the Hill. It now looks as though he was also personally responsible for the scheduling disagreement between Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Patrick McHenry that quickly mushroomed into a debacle of McHenry twice accusing Warren of perjury.

“Goldman Sachs has dropped millions on lobbying Congress and now it looks like they’ve gotten themselves a mole as well, courtesy of Darrell Issa. Issa and McHenry, of course, have themselves been the beneficiaries of generous campaign donations from giant financial firms throughout their careers.”
Darrell Issa’s personal Goldman rep arranged Elizabeth Warren perjury showdown, by Issa Exposed blog, Friday, August 26, 2011

How long is America going to put up with this greedy, evil, stupid man? He makes me ashamed of California for sending him to D.C. Enough already, vote him out or kick him out on ethics violations (of which there appear to be many) and then we can all take a long shower to get the Issa off us. Ew.

(The word “Issa” is often used as slang for sucker. As in “He funded a recall and they picked Arnold? Ha ha ha, what an Issa!” also see)

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