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“Did I vote on your marriage?”

The most hilariously effective signs supporting gay marriage. And don’t forget the booming business divorce lawyers will be/are already doing, too.

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Reader funded journalism

www.spot.us. Huh…too bad they don’t have an RSS feed.

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Tuscon AZ housing bust

Now might be the time to buy that retirement home in Tuscon. “1. Tucson, AZ > Homeowner vacancy rates: 6.8% (1st) > Rental vacancy rates: 15.9% (6th) > Total housing units: 440,909 > Unemployment: 7.8% “Tucson’s homeowner vacancy rate was … Continue reading

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The internet eats the seed corn

Robert Levine interview about this book “Free Ride – How the Digital Parasites Are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back” published by giant publisher Random House. I wish I could embed this video, but … Continue reading

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