Google: Evil, Greedy or just Obtuse?

“But last year Schmidt, who has been Google’s chairman since 2007 and until earlier this year also served as its CEO, approached Jared Cohen, a 28-year-old wunderkind at the US state department’s policy planning unit, to take the company’s approach a step further. Cohen is best known for convincing Twitter not to shut down for maintenance at a crucial moment during the protests that followed Iran’s 2009 elections, and had built a reputation as an advocate of deploying digital tools for diplomacy. (emphasis mine) At Google he is getting arguably freer rein to put some of those concepts into action.

“Google Ideas, created last October, has quickly set out to build a reputation for doing things most corporate units would strive to avoid. It sits within Google’s business operations and strategy division rather than under its philanthropic arm, and its six staff are based in the company’s New York office.

“For the Save summit in Dublin, Google paid for more than 80 former jihadists, neo-Nazi skinheads, one-time Irish extremists and US gang members, all of whom now work to prevent radicalisation, to fly in from around the world. There, they huddled with Google employees, survivors of terrorist attacks and kidnappings, academics and other experts to try to come up with solutions to fight extremism.”
Think again by Shawn Donnan, Financial Times, July 8, 2011

Y’know, if democracy is in the hands of profit-making American corporations Twitter and Google, anarchy is starting to look pretty good. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but democracy is bigger than 140 characters and filtered search results can encompass. At least it should be bigger than 140 characters and filtered search results can encompass. And if not…la deluge.

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