Fiscal bedlam and the way we live now

“Senate Democrats flashed a potential trump card in the state budget debate Friday by passing a bill that would allow local authorities to raise taxes on just about anything after Republicans defeated an extension of the statewide sales and vehicle taxes Gov. Jerry Brown says he needs to fill the budget gap.

“While many business leaders, including the state Chamber of Commerce, reluctantly support Brown’s tax plan, most recoil at the notion of dozens of counties and special districts asking local voters to approve taxes on anything from personal income to cigarette sales to car registrations.

“Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) called for a vote on the measure late Friday, sparking angry huddles among Republicans who had just blocked Brown’s proposed tax extensions, which require a two-thirds vote.

“It would only take a simple majority -– which Democrats have in both houses — to pass a bill allowing local authorities to appeal to their own voters to raise taxes for schools, fire departments and police forces.”
No statewide tax extensions? How about local taxes?, by Jack Dolan, Political, June 10, 2011

Welcome to fiscal bedlam, folks, brought to you by recalcitrant CA Repubs and their endless stupidity. Potential fiscal bedlam, it’s not a law yet. However, it’s too scary to think about what LA City and County would do with this. Revising the commercial part of Prop 13 would be more helpful, but that’s probably not going to happen soon enough to save us.

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