And I thought redistricting was dullsville

“In its Santa Ana meeting, the Redistricting Commission was asked by many people to keep Garden Grove with Westminster and separate both from Santa Ana, in part to allow the Vietnamese community to develop its future political influence. To its credit, the CRC did so. But it did it in almost the weirdest way possible. Rather than connect Santa Ana to the largely Latino areas of Anaheim and Orange, among other options, the CRC connected it to the overwhelmingly Republican coast — most starkly (and hilariously for OC residents) to wealthy Newport Beach.”
CA-46/47/48: OC Latino Voters’ Rights, by Seneca Doane, Calitics, June 7, 2011

As someone from Orange County (not of it, just from it) I find this a laugh riot. I like Seneca’s map on the post better.

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