Banished words for 2011

LSSU suggests we do 2011 a favor and banish these words:

– Viral
– Epic
– Fail
– Wow factor
– A-ha moment
– Back story
– Man up
– Refudiate
– Mama Grizzlies
– The American people
– I’m just sayin’
– FACEBOOK / GOOGLE as verbs
– Live life to the fullest

I couldn’t agree more. Here are my alternatives:

– Hyped (viral is okay for medicine)
– Overblown (epic is okay for epics)
– Failure (fail is still a verb)
– Impact (wow factor is just silly)
– Realize/realization (I’ve used “a-ha moment” but I’ll control myself in future)
– History (back story is when I talk about my lumbar spine)
– Good friend (leave BFF on text messages)
– Pull yourself together (man up suggests that only men can…oh, fuck, never mind)
– Refute/refutation (I would only refudiate a word made up by that woman)
– Mothers, God bless ’em (Mama Grizzlies, ibid)
– Americans (the American people know we’re people [aren’t we?])
– So, fuck you (I’m just sayin’)
– Web search (FACEBOOK / GOOGLE as verbs. Google is like Kleenex now, so we might stuck with it. I’ve never heard or read anyone say or write “I’ll facebook it” but I might just be really lucky)
– Get off the computer and go outside (live life to the fullest…if you can)

Have a pure and happy 2011, y’all.


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