Random Roundup

Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things and does he evah. (I really should stay the hell away from Tumblr blogs)

Obama: What happened to the guy named Obama who wanted to lift the cap on Social Security contributions?

L.A. Unified project combines preschool and apartments. The district and a developer collaborate on a plan to build an education center in Glassell Park with affordable housing for teachers, police officers and nurses. LAT, November 27, 2010

So why is LAUSD getting into affordable housing for people with powerful unions that ensure these people make a living wage, which I presume gives them enough money to afford market rate housing? Doesn’t LAUSD have enough to do just running the schools?

I wish I had a union. Workers of the World unite, of course, but let’s offer affordable housing to the people in LA who really need it: the working poor. And if you can’t find any working poor, just look for the middle aged people working at fast food chains and WalMart.

I’m not bitter, I’m just confused.

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