It’s official! Cooley Concedes!

Like a gentleman. Thank you, Steve.

“Steve Cooley conceded defeat today to Kamala Harris in the political slugfest for California attorney general, aides said.

“Cooley’s concession came 22 days after ballots were cast, with his Democratic opponent, left, holding a lead of about 51,500 votes, representing a lead of about a half percentage points in a race that also attracted four minor candidates.

“Harris’ victory represents another blow for the Republican Party, which lost statewide races from governor to controller to secretary of state.

“The race to become California’s top cop featured district attorneys from two of the state’s major cities – Harris in San Francisco, Cooley in Los Angeles.”
Cooley concedes to Kamala Harris in fight for attorney general, by Jim Sanders, Sac Bee, November 24, 2010

That makes it a Dem Sweep of State offices. And may God have mercy on all of you.

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