17K vote lead for Kamala

“With more than 7 million ballots counted, and as many as 2 million still left to tally, the race for California attorney general remains undecided. But the hostilities between the campaigns seem to have escalated while the fate of the second-most-powerful office in California remains undecided.

“On Thursday, Ace Smith, a consultant for Democrat Kamala Harris, sent an e-mail to reporters with the subject line ‘Why Kamala Harris will be the next Attorney General of California.’ The note included an analysis of where the remaining uncounted ballots were and why they would only increase Harris’ narrow lead over Republican Steve Cooley.

“(As of 10 a.m. Friday, Harris was clinging to a 17,000-vote lead.)”
Things get nasty as attorney general’s race heads into overtime, by Anthony York, PolitiCal, November 5, 2010

Hang in there, Kamala!

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