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The truth about California’s jobs and business climate:

“Contrary to Whitman’s claims, California remains an excellent place to do business. Just ask Meg Whitman, who had 10 years to move eBay out of California – but never did. California is still successful at attracting businesses, including manufacturing: for example, Tesla is using part of the NUMMI plant to make its electric cars.

“Another success story is Siemens, which has a factory in Sacramento that makes light rail vehicles for ALL their Western Hemisphere customers. In a conversation with a Siemens official I had back in April, the company indicated that not only are they happy in California, but that they look forward to expanding their operations to build bullet trains. Similarly, Alstom has opened a factory on Mare Island to make trainsets.”
Whitman’s Economic Plan: All Power to the Plutocrats, by Robert Cruickshank, Calitics, September 19, 2010

I really don’t know where this stupid myth that California has a bad business environment comes from or how it got started. California has its own annoying business environment, but everyone is annoyed by tax, employment, corporate, state, local, whatever business ordinances. But those things are everywhere, why single California out as worse than any other place? As we know property taxes ARE NOT a problem.

What will destroy California business is if the State allows the infrastructure to fall apart because it can’t raise enough taxes to pay for it. Bad roads = bad business; bad water = no business; bad schools = challenged workforce; underfunded or no police and fire departments = an unspeakable chaos, horror, etc. And may the good Lord have mercy on us all, we seem to be heading that way.

Full disclosure: I have known two small businesses (a tiny printer in Koreatown and a microscope lens and equitpment vendor in Burbank) who relocated to Arizona and I’ve no idea why they did. They just mentioned it the last time I picked up stuff there. But I think the CA only lost about a dozen jobs from those moves. Now that I’m thinking about it, we found another printer closer and cheaper, and we buy our microscope stuff online. The one time I had to go to Burbank was when we forgot to order a lamp and needed one right away. I’m pretty sure the California Business Environment had nothing to do with either of those developments at my job. Oh well. God bless technology. Or something.

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