Paging, President Clinton. Paging, Presdident Clinton

Get your ass to California and stumpin’ for Jerry Brown, like, now.

“The source cited in a Meg Whitman advertisement said Saturday that his claim that taxes were higher after Jerry Brown’s two terms as governor was inaccurate.

“‘… I was wrong when I said that ‘state taxes were still higher’ during his last year than when he began. In fact, they were a bit lower,’ Brooks Jackson, whose 1992 CNN report has been cited by the Whitman campaign, wrote in a post on Jackson, who founded the organization after leaving CNN, said he used the wrong year as a baseline in his calculations.

“The CNN report was raised in a Whitman television ad that features 1992 footage of then-presidential candidate Bill Clinton slamming Brown’s claim that he lowered taxes as governor. The video came from a Democratic primary debate that featured both men.

“‘CNN. Not me, CNN says his assertion about his tax record was, quote, just plain wrong,’ Clinton says in the ad. ‘He raised taxes as governor of California…. He doesn’t tell the people the truth.’

“When the ad debuted Thursday, the Brown campaign protested that taxes were lower after he finished his second term in 1983 compared to when he took office in 1975, and on Friday, the state Department of Finances confirmed that to be true.”
Claim about Brown and taxes in Whitman ad is false, according to source, by Seema Mehta, PoliCal, September 11, 2010

Hey, taxes were lower, but it was due to Proposition Fucking 13 that they were lower, so, in my opinion, it’s actually a wash. Please vote for Jerry Brown anyway; the alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

NutMeg is the perfect name for her. Goddamn lying putrid jellyfish asshole takes too long to say. No offense to jellyfish or assholes.

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