The First California Constitution – the Spanish edition

“Ten delegates showed up on Saturday, September 1, 1849, at Colton Hall in Monterey. By the following Monday, twenty-eight delegates were present. … Only seven delegates, all Mexicans, had been born in the state. Of these seven, only two spoke English. The original preamble to the new constitution was drafted in Spanish. …”


“Glorious as it was to see the people seize power, the new state constitution’s serious defects soon became clear. The 1849 convention had failed to design a regime for taxation and government services. A convention subcommittee acknowledged the absence of government services—’We are without public building, Court Houses, jails, roads, bridges, or any internal improvement’—but said it was simply too difficult to collect enough taxes to hire people to collect more taxes, …’ The committee recommended that the state figure out how to pay for itself sometime later. Maybe the federal government would help.”
Pages 19 through 21, California Crackup. How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It, by Joe Mathews and Mark Paul, University of California Press, 2010, ISBN: 9780520266568

Even the beginning of California was strange.

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