Reason 9,819,956,056 California is messed up

Good work by the LA Times!

“Orange County pension records show that convicted former Sheriff Michael S. Carona collected about $215,000 last year in retirement payments — and he was just one of more than 400 county pensioners who received more than $100,000 in retirement in 2009.

“Carona, who was convicted last year of witness tampering, remains free on bail pending appeal. But his indictment in 2007 rocked the county and forced major changes to the county’s top law enforcement agency.

“Also on the list is former county Treasurer-Tax Collector Robert L. Citron, whose investments led Orange County into bankruptcy in 1994. He collected about $142,000 last year.

“The information was released by the Orange County Employees Retirement System following a lawsuit by the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility, which advocates for pension reform and has filed similar suits throughout the state. The county retirement agency initially refused to provide the information, saying that releasing the names of those who receive large pensions would compromise their privacy.”
Convicted Orange County sheriff collects $215,000 pension, by Paloma Esquivel, LA Times, July 8, 2010

And people worry that the puny pensions of state employee are going to break us. I, personally, find it more disturbing and distasteful that taxpayers pay millions to felons and fiscal idiots such as Carona and Citron. And this is just 2 of them; the rest of the list probably isn’t prettier.

Can California be saved…from itself?

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