Jailhouse not rockin’

“The new detention center sits empty because of the city’s dire fiscal crisis, which has left the LAPD unable to hire enough jailers to operate the large, labor-intensive facility.

“When construction started, police officials never anticipated that the city would be locked in a budget crisis and hiring freeze when it was time to hire additional jailers. But now, with the LAPD increasingly desperate to vacate a dilapidated, overcrowded downtown jail that the new one is meant to replace, department leaders are mulling ways of redirecting staff and other resources.”
LAPD’s new $74-million jail sits empty, by Joel Rubin, LA Times, June 20, 2010

I suppose they could rent parts of it for storage and offices until the budget gets worked out. I mean, it would be very secure.

This caught my eye because part of my new novel, “Electricland,” is set in the LA jails run by the Sheriffs. The book isn’t officially out until November, but if anyone reviews books and wants a review copy, drop me a line. Wapshott always needs the press. Here’s the webpage: www.electricland.wapshottpress.com. There’s a one-sheet there and that’s about it for now.

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