Los Angeles Lakers cure cancer!

Raise the dead, transmute waste water in to premium unleaded, and bring about world peace simply by winning something.

Seriously, my neighbors are on four corners of a nearby major street waving Laker banners, screaming in ecstasy, and drivers, which there are a lot of in LA, are honking in solidarity with them. This has been going on for nearly an hour. Impressive, but kind of weird. I wonder what they do when they’re really happy. Last year was quieter around here.

Laker Riots Downtown. Again. That’s just absurd.

“At 8th and Figueroa, fans and a phalanx of more than two dozen police, wearing riot gear and wielding batons, faced off. The standoff began when a bunch of fans tore down a traffic sign and then ripped out two newspaper stands and lighted the papers on fire. When the police marched up Figueroa, about two dozen abreast, the crowd slowly receded. Some people were throwing energy drinks, which had been passed out for free after the win.”
Calm returning to downtown L.A. after violence following Lakers game, LA Times, June 18, 2010

Ninnys, you’re supposed to drink the energy drinks, not throw them. Maybe next year the Lakers should hand out warm milk laced with Thorazine. But apparently this year was less crazy than last year.

Laker Fan 2010

This picture should definitely win something.

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