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Well, I was trying to leave a comment for danah boyd on her Facebook and “radical transparency” (a rant) post, but the comment spam catcher kept telling me I was doing it wrong. So I gave up and put it here. If danah does drop in, thanks for this post, and here’s what I would have commented if I could have commented:

“I never wanted to be on Facebook because it used to be elitist and I’m too hip for that kind of thingy. Then a pal went there because she and her kid were getting stalked on Flickr (of all places), so I bit the bullet or something and got an FB account. Then I published a book and FB accounts are de rigeur for authors these days (yes, I know it’s stupid, but this is how little authors grow into might oaks or whatever, via FB, Twitter, the whole slippery, shallow mess).

“Anyway, I have never liked FB and I’m mostly just crossposting from my blogs there. But the FB/Zuckerberg attitude toward everyone is a little sociopathic. Especially the Zuckerberg’s comment about having 2 (or more) webdenities as “lacking integrity.” Zuckerberg is a ninny and a cretin, no offense to ninnies and cretins, he probably doesn’t understand the joy of masked balls, noms de voyage, and noms de plume. And I’m sure Samuel Clemens and Mark Twain, Mary Anne Evans and George Eliot, Amantine Dupin and George Sand, Marilyn Monroe and Zelda Zonk, and many others would join Karmen Ghia and I in saying: Fuck you, Zuckerberg.

“Thanks for the information in this post, danah, glad you’re writing so accessibly about this stuff.”

And, y’know, this is making Yahoo look really good. Please don’t blow it, Yahoo, thanks in advance.

Oh, and for more horrors of Facebook, there’s this: Facebook is not your friend. If you care about your privacy and that of your real friends, unfriend Facebook now. We are its product, not its customers, by Andrew Brown, Guardian, May 14, 2010 or thereabouts

And the fabulous Bruce Schneier, always ahead of the curve, on Privacy and Control, April 6, 2010

I think Mr. Schneier makes an interesting point in passing that the internet has changed the definition of privacy in the same way airplanes changed the definition of travel-time or any new technology changes the way we think about something we’ve become accustomed to. Privacy used to be what people with good manners didn’t invade. Now it’s about not getting stalked. Is this progress? How the hell would I know?

Also: You know, I recently saw Minority Report, and really really liked it, which I didn’t think I would, and highly recommend it, which I do without hesitation. The retina scan marketing impressed me, and not in a good way.

Full disclosure: I usually like usually Tom Cruise in films. It’s the idea of Tom Cruise that I dislike.

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