Arizona goes further into orbit

“IF TOM HORNE, Arizona’s superintendent of schools, wants to fight threats to English-language proficiency in his state, he should probably start with his own website. The site’s front page currently features a video showing ‘a [sic] L.A. teacher’, and a quote from a Tucson teacher criticising the Los Angeles teacher’s ‘incindiary [sic] rhetoric’. The hullaballoo concerns Mr Horne’s bill to ban ethnic-studies programmes in Arizona public schools, which was signed into law on Tuesday. Mr Horne says the bill is targeted at the Tucson school district, which offers electives in Mexican-American, African-American, Native-American and Asian studies which are taken by about 3% of the student population. TalkingPointsMemo’s Justin Elliott reports the law is part of Mr Horne’s campaign for the Republican nomination for state attorney-general, in which he is pitting largely white, conservative Phoenix against largely Hispanic, liberal Tucson.”
Banning ethnic studies, by M.S., The Economist, May 14, 2010

The 2010 Arizona Attorney General Election.

Not that California has anything to be proud of, but if this guy gets elected AZ AG, it’s just going to get wackier and wackier in AZ.

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