Why voting is important, episode 55,646,846

“The election then. You’re probably already bored rigid with talk of it even though it’s not happening for another three and a half weeks.

“You might be one of those non-voters, giving it all that ‘Yeah, doesn’t matter who you vote for, the government still get in,’ and ‘They’re all a bunch of trough-gobbling cock-heads’ and ‘I heard a rumour about my MP – turns out he’s into snuff, sailors and Saturday Night Fever.’

“That’s fair enough, but it turns out that if you’re so apathetic that you haven’t even bothered to register to vote, you’re probably affecting your chances when it comes to getting credit for yourself.

“You know, borrowing money that you’ll spunk away on cars and electronic goods you don’t need, and then blaming the government when you can’t afford the repayments and your house gets repossessed.

“But not being on the electoral roll can affect your credit score – being registered to vote helps to verify your identity and will work in your favour when it comes to obtaining those consumer goods that you’re only buying in order to fill a hole caused by a chronic lack of self-esteem. You complete tit.”
Register to vote and improve your chances of getting a loan, by Andy Dawson, Bitter Wallet, April 12, 2010

So…I guess they have voter apathy in the UK…or something. Oh well. Vote. Vote early. Vote often. And vote as along as you can.

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