Let’s have a Bitburg Day, too

“So, sure, let’s teach Reagan’s legacy. But front and center of that legacy is the AIDS crisis. He stood by as millions died, including some of his supposed friends from his movie days. Reagan’s inaction directly led to many needless deaths. Teach about Ronald Reagan, if for no other reason that our students will never forget an American tragedy. A tragedy whose scope could have been dramatically changed by a rapid response, but was instead ignored because the victims weren’t favored classes.

“And when our students ask about Reagan, sure, by all means, you can talk about how he spent the Russians into bankruptcy, or how he blatantly and illegally defied Congress, but what I’ll remember most about Ronald Reagan will be the action that he didn’t take. And his inaction speaks as much about the man Ronald Reagan as any action, or any myth the Right is trying to build up about him.”
Ronald Reagan Day? I’ll Be Wearing a Red Ribbon, by Brian Leubitz, Calitics, April 9, 2010

Ronald Reagan and Co. were bad for America. Can someone name one Reagan and/or Reagan era policy that hasn’t become a nightmare in the present? Do we really need a day to celebrate dismal, malicious, dire, hateful failure and stupidity? I’m sure our great and glorious State has better things to do. Like saving us all from becoming Mississippi with a surf culture. (And if not, we are well and truly fucked.)

Oh, for those of you who haven’t gnashed your teeth today: Reagan visits Bitburg Cemetery

“In February 1985, then White House deputy chief of staff Michael Deaver made an advance-planning visit to Bitburg. The 32 rows of headstones were covered with snow. Deaver was usually very skillful in carrying out his role as public relations maestro for Reagan, but this time he and his team failed to discover that 49 members of the Waffen-SS were buried at Kolmeshöhe. A decision was made by the Reagan team not to include a visit to a concentration camp, as had been previously suggested by Kohl. The president said he didn’t want to risk ‘reawakening the passions of the time’ or offend his hosts by visiting a concentration camp.”

…reawakening the passions of the time…

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”
Wm Faulkner

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