I hate California Nazis

All the fun things to do in Los Angeles must have been closed yesterday. Me, I was at a craft fair with the fabulous Wendy Lee. It was, as you might imagine, a sea of tranquility compared to the lawn at City Hall.

“About a dozen police in riot gear rushed from near City Hall, running straight into the center of the mob.

‘Police!’ members of the mob screamed, running down Spring Street.

“Once police broke up the mob, the man with the sign began running south on Spring Street. One man caught up with him and slugged him in the face; he collapsed and his face hit the curb. He was quickly surrounded by a mob again until police caught up and pushed the counter-protesters away with their batons.

“The man was then escorted away by police as blood spilled from the back of his head.

“His sign, broken into pieces, was left behind on the street. It read: ‘Christianity = Paganism’ and had an arrow pointing to a swastika.

“It wasn’t clear if the man was a white supremacist.”

‘Gosh, I think he just didn’t have a clear message. I don’t even think he was a Nazi,’ said one man, looking at the broken pieces of the sign.”
White supremacists stir up opposition on the Los Angeles City Hall lawn, by Robert Faturechi and Richard Winton, LA Times, April 17, 2010

Where are the Blues Brothers when you need them?

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