CCSD outgrows 7 football fields

“Since organizers of Comic-Con said they have outgrown the San Diego Convention Center — the festival’s home since the 1970s — L.A. and the city of Anaheim have launched campaigns to lure the celebration of comic books and pop culture.”
L.A. makes a play for Comic-Con on Facebook, by Hugo Martin, Money & Company, LA Times blog, April 8, 2010

Oooooooooo-kaaaaaay. Well, if they just held Comic-con twice a year — once in LA and once in SD — that would probably solve most of the problem. The movie people would probably only want to do the LA show. I’ve never met one who liked going to SD for the fanboys. Comic-con could even be held three times a year. The third could be in Las Vegas, for God’s sake, and it would sell out every time. It’s not like Christmas; Comic-con can come more than once a year. Jesus, must I think of everything?

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