Housekeeping: the Twitterpocalypse

Since I still do some Hackenbush related blogging here, I’ve added a feed from this blog to the Hackenbushville Twitter (yes, and may God have mercy on me) account. It’s all for the book publicity on Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job. There’s a free pre-launch pdf there and, as ever, there’s a synopsis here.

By the way, this blog and it’s predecessor were the original Hackenbush novels blog when I thought they were going to be published sooner and by someone else. And, like I said, occasionally I still do some political smart-ass, wise-cracking Hackenbushesque blogging here so no one (on Twitter) shall be spared. Oh well.

If you want to follow the Twitter updates (no, I will not use that word, thank you very much) without actually being on Twitter, they’re way down the sidebar on this blog and at the top of the blog. It’s just the way we live now; if you can’t say it in ~140 characters then fuck you. Unless you’re clever like me and aggregate your blogs there. Muwhahahahahahha!

Note: Graymatter on the original Hackenblog (way back in 2003) was a damn good blogging platform for a long time for me and I thank them for it, but Word Press is working better for me now. But I still have fond memories of setting up my first Graymatter blog. Sigh. How the internet years go by.

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