But she can’t marry her partner

Homophobia all in one family:

“The lesbian sister of Proposition 8 mastermind Frank Schubert has announced her candidacy for Sacramento County Superior Court judge.

“At her campaign Web site, Anne Marie Schubert, a deputy district attorney for Sacramento County, promotes herself as a law and order and victim’s rights candidate with several endorsements from local law enforcement organizations.

“According to voter records, Anne Marie Schubert is a registered Republican. She has hired Gilliard Blanning, a conservative political consulting firm known for championing some of the state’s best known Republican candidates and causes, to run her campaign.

“Anne Marie Schubert, 45, doesn’t mention her family or sexual orientation on her campaign Web site. But Sacramento County tax records show that Anne Marie Schubert purchased her home with Julie Greenberg in March 2005, where the women live together raising two children. Frank Schubert told the Bay Area Reporter the two women are in a registered domestic partnership.

“‘She and Julie are in a domestic partnership, and they have two wonderful children,’ Frank Schubert said.”
Prop 8’s Schubert Supports Gay Sister’s Bid for Judge, by Dan Aiello, California Progress Report, January 5, 2010 (via)

Apparently (to me), Frank Schubert has decided if a domestic partnership is good enough for his sister, he’s going to shove it down everyone else’s throat. What an asshole. So now I really wonder, given the option to marry Julie, what would Anne Marie Schubert do?


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